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Hurrycane® Freedom Edition™

Hurrycane® Freedom Edition™

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Cutting-edge, patented technology allows the HurryCane, the #1 selling cane in America, to feel like a seamless extension of the body. The HurryCane is unrivaled thanks to industry-leading innovations. A SteadiGrip base simulates your foot’s natural stabilizing points, increasing traction and improving balance. To further maximize stabilization, the HurryCane automatically flexes on inclines, uneven ground, and fluctuating terrain both inside and outdoors. Effortlessly fold the HurryCane to one-third its normal size for compact storing whenever needed, and easily flip back out for continued use. To find the perfect fit that will provide lasting comfort, adjust the cane height between 30.5" to 37.5" by simply pushing the button located on the handle. Feel confident using the durable HurryCane to ensure the next steps you take are safe. The HurryCane is tested to support up to 350 pounds.
Color: Black

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How it Works+
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SteadiGrip™ Base

With a wider base and redesigned feet, it provides better traction on any terrain

WhisperFlex™ Design

The pivoting base gives you more stability and balance and is always whisper quiet.

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Easy to Fold, Carry & Store

Folds and unfolds in seconds for discrete convenience

Ergonomic Comfort

The large, ergonomically grooved handle reduces strain on hands

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Stands on its own—Even on Carpet

A wider SteadiGrip™ base with cross-hatched tips provides greater stability and traction to help your cane stand on any surface.

Improved Stability

With a wider range of motion, the pivoting WhisperFlex™ design provides even better balance and stability.

Easy to Fold, Carry & Store

Folds and unfolds in seconds for unparalleled convenience you can take on the go.

All Day Comfort

The larger, grooved handle provides a secure grip and reduces strain on your hands.

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How it Works

Your cane is designed to be easy to set up, adjust, use, and fold. Download the instructions below to read all safety instructions before using.


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Reset the Flex

The pivoting base of a new hurricane is designed to have less flexibility initially, but will adapt to the users normal movement over time. As the cane adapts to your movements, your Hurrycane® may need to have its flex reset when you want the cane to stand beside you, without holding onto it, simply reset the flex by following these three steps:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3774 reviews
Catherine Brodeen
The Hurricane is great!

The only negative thing I have to say is...I have ordered it twice, the first time I ordered black and got a blue one, this last time I ordered black and got a purple one. Wasn't very happy about that!

John Smith
My Hurrycane

This is my 3rd Hurrycane. I like them and they are very handy. I like that they fold.

Can Not Stable

The cane slightly moves when I lean on it. I know the base was designed to do this and some people like that feature but I find it annoying. I'm looking for stability when I use a cane.

My wife loves it much better than other canes

She uses it when she walks

Less. Than expected

I bought based on advertising. I was disappointed with the size of the cane. While it purports to support a larger person the diameter of the cane is very small. Not like a standard cane. In use it does not feel stable. It easily gets out of balance when standing alone. I am didappointed. I would have paid more for a quality cane.